Alcohol jellies are a very popular way of serving alcohol in the US. They are a great alternative to drinks or other alcoholic beverages. Jello shots are perfect for any party. Their preparation is not difficult and the end result is amazing. Do you want to surprise your friends? Make jello-shots!

Making jello shots is not difficult and is even easier than preparing most drinks. All you need is jelly powder or several types of color contrasted with it and half a glass of transparent alcohol, e.g. gin, vodka or white rum.

Jello shots: step by step

Start by dissolving the jelly in a glass of boiling water and setting it aside to cool at room temperature. Then pour the alcohol into the jelly and mix. Pour the liquid into plastic cups or ice cups. Jelly shots can be concentrated naturally or when put in the fridge.

making jello shots

For making jello shots you can use jelly and alcohol with the same taste. Mix an example pineapple jelly with pineapple rum. You can prepare jellies from a larger container and put pieces of pineapple inside or decorate a glass with it.

You want to go a step further and make jello shots in rainbow colors. Prepare jelly in different flavors (and colors). Proceed as usual, but after the first concentration pour the next one any number of times. You will need a deeper container to make these jellies.

Jello shots in grapefruit

If you want to surprise guests even more, instead of plastic containers or glasses, choose … hollow citruses. You can also serve grapefruit jello shots. How to make them Mix 200 ml grapefruit flavored alcohol, 300 ml freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice and 1 colorless jelly. Do not throw away halves of fruit from which juice has been squeezed. They will serve as dishes.

Grapefruit squeezed in a pot and boil. In 300 ml of boiling juice, dissolve jelly. Leave the jelly to cool, when it reaches room temperature, mix it with 200 ml of alcohol.

Dig out the remains of the pulp in grapefruits. Pour the ready drink into them and put into the fridge for concentration. The wow effect is guaranteed.

Drunk jelly beans

You can also use ready-made jellies to make jello shots. Preferably if they are a group – in the shape of teddy bears or geometric figures. Thin, flat jelly beans will not absorb sufficient alcohol. How to make drunk jelly beans? All you have to do is put the jelly beans in the high-percentage alcohol so that the alcohol covers them lightly. Let the jelly beans stand for about two hours. After this time, strain the jellies and it’s ready! Jello shots proper did themselves. You can use the remaining alcohol for other drinks.

Not just jelly beans

In the topic of mixing sweetness and alcohol … Have you ever heard of “Skiittles vodka”? We are already explaining what’s going on. All you have to do is divide these popular sweets with colors and then fill them with 30 ml of vodka (each color). Cover the flooded candies, shake and set aside for the whole night. The next day, pour the contents of the jars through the strainer. Colorful Skittles vodka ready!


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