Do you want to be happy? Then be. Of course, it’s easy to say. However, the truth is that if we do not suffer from depression (the desire to be happy will not help here), we can make ourselves more satisfied with our everyday lives. However, you have to put some effort into it. How to be happy?

Get to know yourself to be happy

Research shows that if people know themselves (e.g. their strengths and weaknesses), their past (including their ancestors), they usually like themselves. A clear and clear self-image increases self-esteem.

Appreciate what you have and show gratitude

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, appreciate what you have and show your gratitude. See what is positive in your life, even if it is not perfect at the moment. They can be small things. Every day, write down three things that made you happy and made you feel good.

Cultivate a sense of humor

Psychotherapists know that even the worst problem that a patient can laugh about is half resolved. Kind humor is one of the healthiest defence mechanisms that the psyche uses to deal with trouble. Learn to laugh at yourself. Look for comical aspects of your problems. Allow yourself to irony with your own flaws.

ways of being happy

Take care of your borders and live in harmony with yourself

Steve Jobs during a speech at Stanford University said that time is limited and you should not waste it on someone else’s life. He also added that the noise of someone else’s opinions should not be allowed to drown out his own inner voice.

It is important that you live in harmony with yourself. It involves skillfully setting boundaries for yourself and others. So that you can realize what is your calling.

Take care of friends

Keep in touch with people with whom you can establish close, intimate relationships. If you confide in your loved ones, share your sorrows and joys with them, then you build your social support network. There is also a sense of meaning in life. Supporting friends, spouse and family members also brings mental benefits to the person who gives this support.

Don’t waste energy on things you can’t control.

Give up struggling with the elements of your life that are present regardless of your actions. Accept their existence and try to think in terms of “what can I do with them within my capabilities.” This approach eliminates many unnecessary, negative feelings. Thanks to this principle, we do not make our happiness dependent on external factors.

Respect and care for your body

Eat healthy (eat many vegetables, fruits, cereals, avoid fat), exercise regularly or walk a lot. Get enough sleep. A person needs 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Do not smoke, do not use drugs and do not abuse medicines. Drink alcohol very moderately.

It would seem that the application of all these recommendations needed to achieve happiness is very difficult. However, this is a matter of practice and habits. When we repeat something often, a habit will form, which then works alone. Unfortunately, toxic thoughts and attitudes are also established by habit.



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