We all know just how expensive a bed frame and mattresses are, but most people are also aware of the added expense incurred when shopping for bedding sets. Bed sheets, when purchasing quality, can cost a small fortune. Of course, there are many ways that you can save on your next purchase without breaking the bank! Here are five money saving hacks when shopping for sheets:

Buy Used

Some people will argue that used bed sheets are gross or just aren’t safe to buy, but they can easily be laundered. Most bed sheets you can find in thrift stores probably came from guest rooms as they have seen very little use. You also have the ability to purchase higher thread count sheets secondhand simply because you can afford a better brand. Should your used sheets get soiled, you won’t feel too bad tossing them out.

Wait For A Sale

Department stores at the mall such as Macy’s and JCPenney all have regular sales you can watch for throughout the week. Oftentimes, a bed sheet you can buy for $70 will become available for much less. When shopping online merchants, make sure to sign up for their newsletters to gain access to regular deals!

Don’t Buy Sets

One of the ways that you can significantly reduce costs when purchasing bedding sheets is to simply not purchase the entire set. Those two pillowcases that are included and a top sheet can really add to the associated costs. Choose a solid colored fitted sheet and you can easily mix and match to cut costs. Additionally, if you’re not too keen on purchasing fitted sheets secondhand, you can at least buy more affordable pillowcases.

Seek Out Store Returns

There are many eBay sellers as well as discount stores that sell customer returns at a discounted price. You can find some really awesome deals on bedding sheets as well as sets just because they have been returned to the store. More often than not, these sheets look brand new but may be a bit wrinkled or have a blemish from poor packaging. However, if you can overlook any cosmetic issues, you can save money.

Search For Promo Codes

In fact, some stores allow you to use a coupon code while the item is also on sale. Once again, it’s advisable to wait until the holidays are near as that means better savings and more leniency on coupon stacking.

If you’re ready to save money on your next purchase of bed sheets, follow the secret hacks outlined above! All you need is good fabric and a serviceable design to make your bed look neat. Don’t forget that the used bedding sheet market is booming, and you can even find products brand new in packaging for less on auction sites as well as in discount stores.


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