Contrary to reviews, steak is not difficult to cook. You just need to know the basic principles that are worth remembering during preparation. Thanks to this we will get a perfectly fried steak! Let’s find how to make a steak.

How to cook steak? Best practices

Primarily, let’s answer one question: what meat is suitable for a steak? We recommend sirloin, roast beef or entrecote.

To make it right, cut the selected piece of meat into 4-5 cm thick steaks. Everyone should weigh 200-500g. We rub the beef with olive oil. Set aside in a cool place. An hour before frying, the meat should be removed from the fridge to bring it to room temperature. We fry in a well-heated pan with a thick bottom or on a grill pan, 2-3 minutes depending on what degree of frying we want to achieve. You can use a thermometer, which should be inserted into the center of the steak.

cooking steak

How to cook steak? Methods

There are a few methods of cooking steaks.

  • Rare – Rare steak with a crunchy crust and almost raw meat inside.
  • Medium rare – a medium rare steak, whose meat gently browns, turning into a bright red color.
  • Medium – medium fried. It’s a steak whose meat is already firm and brownish.
  • Well done – completely fried meat inside.

How to cook steak? Mistakes

  • Do not prick the meat on the grill or pan with a fork, use a spatula or tongs to rotate. It is a mistake to cover beef steaks with aluminium foil or other covering. There is a risk of brewing the meat, and then it will become rubbery. After frying, remove the meat from the pan – it should “rest” (about 3 minutes). During this time, the meat will continue to cook without fire, and the juices will be evenly distributed in the steak.
  • Do not fry meat taken straight from the fridge. Remember to remove steaks from the fridge and packaging a minimum of 30 minutes before grilling, thus avoiding thermal shock and preventing uneven roasting of the meat.
  • Do not add pepper before and during frying. Pepper in combination with fat and meat causes burning. Season the steak with pepper before serving.
  • Do not fry in butter. A steak grilled in a regular or grill pan requires a temperature of 150°C. If you use butter, it will burn at temperatures above 130°C. You will waste steaks and health. The ideal solution is to use clarified butter for this, which tolerates high temperatures well, or oil that likes high temperatures. Remember to heat up and grease the grill pan very well. Fat conducts heat well, and most importantly – the meat will not stick to the pan.
  • Do not prick meat during frying. Turn the well-fried meat with a spatula or tongs. Do not prick it with a fork. If you do this, the juice will flow out, and the meat – unfortunately, will lose both taste and aroma. We also never cut meat to see if it is well done. Just touch: the harder it is, the more fried. Before turning the steak over, salt it first. But remember not to do it from a short distance – just above the meat, but from above, so that the salt is evenly distributed throughout the whole piece.



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