When it comes to eye makeup, eyeliner is a must-have item in any makeup bag. Eyeliner can help you create different looks, from a subtle, natural look to a dramatic and bold one. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about eyeliner, from its history to the different types available in the market, and how to apply it flawlessly.

History of Eyeliner

Eyeliner has been around for thousands of years. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to use eyeliner as part of their makeup routine. They used a mixture of kohl and other ingredients to create a black paste, which they applied to their eyes to create a dramatic look. Eyeliner was not only used for beauty purposes but also as a way to protect their eyes from the harsh sun and as a form of medicine to treat eye infections.

Types of Eyeliner

There are different types of eyeliner available in the market, each with its own pros and cons. The most popular types of eyeliner are:

Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner is one of the most common types of eyeliner. It is easy to use and perfect for creating a natural and subtle look. Pencil eyeliners come in different shades and textures, from soft and creamy to hard and matte. They are also affordable and easy to find in any drugstore.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is perfect for creating a bold and dramatic look. It is long-lasting and waterproof, making it ideal for special occasions. Liquid eyeliners come with a fine brush or a felt tip, which makes it easy to apply. However, it requires a steady hand and some practice to achieve the perfect line.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is a cross between pencil and liquid eyeliner. It comes in a small pot and requires a brush to apply. Gel eyeliners are creamy and easy to apply, making it perfect for creating a winged eyeliner look. It is also long-lasting and smudge-proof, making it a favorite among makeup artists.

Kohl Eyeliner

Kohl eyeliner is the traditional eyeliner used by the ancient Egyptians. It is made of natural ingredients like soot and charcoal and is perfect for creating a smoky eye look. Kohl eyeliners are easy to smudge, making it ideal for creating a dramatic look.

How to Apply Eyeliner

Now that you know the different types of eyeliner available, it’s time to learn how to apply it flawlessly. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

Before applying eyeliner, make sure your eyes are clean and dry. You can apply a primer or an eye cream to create a smooth surface for the eyeliner.

Step 2: Choose Your Eyeliner

Choose the type of eyeliner that suits your needs and preferences. If you’re a beginner, start with a pencil eyeliner and gradually move to liquid or gel eyeliner.

Step 3: Start with a Thin Line

Start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Use small strokes and apply light pressure to avoid mistakes.

Step 4: Create a Wing (Optional)

If you want to create a winged eyeliner look, draw a small line from the outer corner of your eye upwards towards the end of your eyebrow. Then, connect the line to the thin line you created in step 3.

Step 5: Fill in the Gaps

Fill in any gaps or spaces between the lashes by applying more eyeliner.

Step 6: Clean up the Mess

Clean up any excess or mistakes using a q-tip or a makeup remover.

Tips and Tricks for Eyeliner Application

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you apply eyeliner flawlessly:

Use Tape

If you’re struggling to create a straight line, use tape as a guide. Apply a piece of tape diagonally from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow, and then draw the line following the edge of the tape.

Warm Up Your Eyeliner

If you’re using a pencil eyeliner, warm it up before applying it. You can do this by rubbing the tip of the eyeliner on the back of your hand or by using a hairdryer for a few seconds.

Tightline Your Eyes

Tightlining your eyes can create the illusion of fuller lashes and a more defined eye shape. To do this, apply eyeliner to your upper waterline, which is the area between your eyelashes and your eyeball.

Don’t Pull Your Skin

When applying eyeliner, avoid pulling your skin, as this can distort the shape of your eye. Instead, tilt your head back slightly and look down into a mirror.

Common Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common eyeliner mistakes to avoid:

Applying Too Much Eyeliner

Applying too much eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller and messy. Always start with a thin line and gradually build it up if you want a bolder look.

Skipping Mascara

Eyeliner and mascara go hand in hand. Skipping mascara can make your eyes look incomplete and unfinished.

Applying Eyeliner to the Lower Lash Line

Applying eyeliner to the lower lash line can make your eyes look smaller and can emphasize dark circles or bags under the eyes. Instead, focus on the upper lash line to create a more flattering look.


Q1. Can I use eyeliner on my waterline?

Yes, you can use eyeliner on your waterline. However, make sure to choose a waterproof and long-lasting eyeliner, as the waterline is a moist area that can cause smudging.

Q2. What color eyeliner should I use?

The color of your eyeliner depends on your eye color, skin tone, and the look you want to achieve. Black eyeliner is a classic option that works for almost any occasion, but you can also experiment with brown, gray, or colorful eyeliners.

Q3. How can I prevent my eyeliner from smudging?

To prevent your eyeliner from smudging, make sure to use a primer or an eye cream, set your eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow, and choose a waterproof and long-lasting eyeliner.

Q4. Can I use eyeliner to create a cat-eye look?

Yes, you can use eyeliner to create a cat-eye look. Start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, and then create a wing by drawing a small line from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow. Connect the line to the thin line you created in step one.

Q5. How do I remove eyeliner?

You can remove eyeliner using a makeup remover or a cleansing oil. Apply the product to a cotton pad and gently wipe off the eyeliner. Make sure to wash your face afterwards to remove any residue.


Eyeliner is a versatile and essential item in any makeup bag. Whether you’re going for a natural or a dramatic look, eyeliner can help you achieve the perfect eye makeup. With the different types of eyeliners available and the tips and tricks we’ve shared, you can now confidently apply eyeliner flawlessly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and techniques to find what works best for you. Remember to avoid common mistakes like applying too much eyeliner or skipping mascara, and use the tips we’ve shared to create a flawless look. And if you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask a professional makeup artist or beauty expert.

Don’t forget to share your experiences and tips in the comments section below, and don’t be shy to share this article with your friends on social media. With these tips and tricks, you can now confidently apply eyeliner like a pro and achieve the perfect eye makeup look every time.

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